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Bronwen Price

“I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin at the moment. I look in the mirror with hatred. I want to feel confident, be healthier and lose the weight I’ve gained during lockdown.”

Bronwen is 26 years old and is training to be a family doctor. She feels she’s gained weight after discovering curries at university.

Covid-19 and the lockdown has meant she’s put on more weight recently. After a long day at work she tends to treat herself with food.

This year, Bronwen will be following FFIT Cymru’s plan alongside her mother who also wants to lose weight.

“I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and that needs to change. I’ve reached a point where I no longer fit the clothes I loved to wear. I want to feel pretty again.”

Bronwen's Plan

Dylan Humphreys

“I’ve lost weight in the past but that resulted in health issues because I went about it the wrong way.”

Dylan who’s 47 years old live in Rhosgadfan with his wife and 3 children. He’s never enjoyed exercise and he’s not too fond of cooking either – except for oven chips, chicken kiev or anything you can throw in the microwave. Currently, Dylan wants to lose weight because of an operation he’s due soon.

The family are thrilled that Dylan has been chosen as one of FFIT Cymru’s leaders this year and support him 100%.

“If we saw dad eating a KitKat on the sly, we’d make him do 10 laps around the field!”

Dylan's Plan

Leah Owen-Griffiths

“I need to lose weight and I want to feel healthy. I’ve lost my way over lockdown and I need help. Having input from the experts and being a part of the FFIT Cymru family means everything to me.”

Leah is a primary school teacher from Porth, currently living in Ffynnon Taf near Cardiff. She turned 40 back in January and believes this is the year for her to finally lose weight. Leah has a sweet tooth and her weaknesses are chocolate, biscuits and cakes. Since losing her father back in 2018 she often comfort eats.

Leah doesn’t believe she’s ever managed to lose weight and recent health problems such as having a bad back has stopped her from doing the simplest of tasks around the house.

Despite this fact, she hopes FFIT Cymru will have a positive effect on both herself and her family.

“I’m a very determined person but for some reason, I’ve never managed to lose weight, and by now I really need some help.”

Leah's Plan

Lois Morgan-Pritchard

“Losing weight is more difficult than learning how to walk again. I’ve lost my self confidence and I tend to hide under baggy clothing. I want my confidence back and with the help of the experts and the entire country behind me, I want to lead others too!”

Lois is 33 years old, she owns her own beauty company and lives with her husband and two children in Y Ffôr. Back in 2009 on a night out she became paralysed from her chest to her legs which is believed to have been Guillain-Barre Syndrome. After the event, Lois was determined to walk again, and two years later she managed to do so.

Now, she has 2 young children and wants to be fit and healthy for their sake.

“I start a new diet every Monday. My husband is fed up! I’ve done every diet – you name it, I’ve done it!”

Lois's Plan

Siôn Huw Davies

“I need to do something before it’s too late. I’m good with excuses… It’s always “I’ll do it tomorrow” It’s time for me to change my mindset which is why I applied for FFIT Cymru this year.”

Siôn Huw is the head of the Welsh department at a secondary school. He’s 50 years old and lives in Prestatyn with his wife and three children.

He admits to eat emotionally – no matter what the emotion! The bad habits started whilst at University in Bangor by regularly eating fast and convenient food.

Siôn wants FFIT Cymru to give him the opportunity to lose weight for himself and his family.

Siôn Huw's Plan

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