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Matthew Rees

Matthew coaches rugby and football under 9’s but feels he’s not fit enough to be coaching. The other coaches run on the field but he feels he has to stand at the side. Matthew has gained weight over the last 6 years as a result of having sepsis 4 years ago and a clot on his lungs due to Covid.

Matthew's Plan

Linette Gwilym

Linette and her family have had a difficult 18 months as her son Ifan went through cancer treatment. Now the treatment is over, she wants to improve both her and her husband’s health in case they’ll need to become potential donors in the future. She considers herself a positive person but has lost her confidence.

Linette's Plan

Kelly O’Donnell

Kelly used to teach dance at ‘Angylion Kelly’ (Kelly’s Angels) for 24 years but gave it up last year. She’s a busy mother of four and is very close to her family. She used to be active but has recently found it hard to make the time.

Kelly's Plan

Dylan Parry

Originally from Caernarfon, Dylan now lives in south Wales. He describes himself as a bubbly person. He’s a very public person who likes to put a smile on peoples’ faces but at home, he’s a lot quieter and introspective. He’s also a member of the CF1 choir.

Dylan's Plan

Andrea Davies-Tuthill

Andrea has recently finished treatment for breast cancer and is keen to regain her strength as she’s unable to exercise like she used to. Her skills as a theatre nurse are also used in her work with the Army Reserves, which has seen her go to Afghanistan to treat soldiers and civilians.

Andrea's Plan

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