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Fitness Instructor: Rae Carpenter

I work in the community, for the community, with the community on their health and fitness. Life is short. Without moving our bodies and eating healthily, it’s shorter still. I transformed my life. And now, I help others to transform theirs for the better.

Rae Carpenter is a Personal and Fitness Trainer, originally from Cardiff but now living in Barry. Also an actress and presenter, she has appeared numerous times on radio and television in Wales and elsewhere, and has featured as a fitness and health expert on Radio Cymru programmes.

Rae co-owns ‘LiveFIT Wales/Cymru, which holds over 60 monthly health and fitness classes, as well as setting a monthly online challenge for people from all over the world. She created a special weightlifting programme for women called LIFT, and in 2016 she trained a team of brave ladies who had fought breast cancer. Rae is the Health and Fitness Expert for QVC UK.

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