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Presenter: Lisa Gwilym

The experience of being part of the transformation of five Leaders in the first series of FFIT Cymru is something that will stay with me for ever. I’m so grateful to every one of them for allowing us into their lives and for throwing themselves into the plan. I can’t wait to meet our new Leaders and to be part of their journey. It’s a great opportunity and a plan that works, and I’ll be there every step of the way to support them. There’s only one thing left to say – Fitness, Inspiration, transformation. Keep FFIT Wales!

Lisa Gwilym is back to present FFIT Cymru.

Hailing from Henllan, Lisa is an experienced multi-platform presenter who is looking forward to her role supporting the FFIT Cymru leaders.

As a psychology graduate from Cardiff University, Lisa is ready to offer a sympathetic ear and support the five leaders on their journey to a healthier life. Along the way, she will learn about some of the inspirational health stories and campaigns that will take place in Wales this Spring.

You can follow Lisa for FFIT Cymru insights on her instagram or twitter feeds – @lisagwilym

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