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FFIT Cymru – the series that helps people stay healthy, both physically and mentally. As we’re all trying to adapt to a new way of life, coping with isolation and living at home, away from family and friends, Ffit Cymru 2020 will be a little different. Lisa Gwilym will be discovering that small steps and changes to our daily life can help us live a healthier life. By using the latest technology, we will follow five people from different parts of Wales who want to live a healthier life with the help of our specialists. Our dietician, Sioned Quirke, fitness expert Rae Carpenter, and the psycologist Dr Ioan Rees will be on hand to give advice every step of the way. They’ll be keeping the five healthy at home with simple food recipes, and ways to look after their mental health. In a challenging and uncertain period for everyone, Ffit Cymru will be here to offer comfort to everyone. And you can take part too, by following our special food and fitness plans.

Meet The Team


Lisa Gwilym


Rae Carpenter
Fitness Instructor


Sioned Quirke BSc


Dr Ioan Rees PhD

Fitness. Inspiration. Transformation.

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